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HTC Unveils Privacy Protecting 5G Router, Pundi X Finalizes Blockchain Phone Prototype

Product announcements in the mobile and internet communications sector have indicated that cryptocurrency-related features are going to become more common. A 5G router with a Bitcoin node that provides secure connectivity, a new blockchain phone...
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How tokenization and digitized assets can help investors unlock trillions from the economy

Share this post: It would be hard to argue that in many ways we are already living in a digitized economy. We use apps to send money to our friends, pay bills, buy our groceries,...
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ConsenSys Project Launches ‘Proof-of-Use’ Network to Discourage Speculation

A ConsenSys-built platform launching its first project Tuesday aims to support ethereum projects while discouraging speculative investing and trading in the projects’ tokens. Activate – a decentralized token network that actively polices speculative token making...