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How tokenization and digitized assets can help investors unlock trillions from the economy

Share this post: It would be hard to argue that in many ways we are already living in a digitized economy. We use apps to send money to our friends, pay bills, buy our groceries,...
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Blockchain has moved from hype to value creation in the enterprise

Share this post: The past three years in blockchain technologies, or what now is often referred to as a use case of distributed ledger technologies (DLT), has shown the best of times and the worst...
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How SLP Dividends Can Tokenize Anything, Including the Stock Market

Not everyone is lucky enough to have access to the stock market and the ability to buy shares in successful corporations like Apple or Coca-Cola. Many impoverished and politically restricted areas make such participation impossible...
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The future is crowdfunded – Blockchain Pulse: IBM Blockchain Blog

Share this post: You may have heard about equity crowdfunding as a way of financing a business. Most people have actually participated in crowdfunding before and don’t realize it. If you’ve ever made a donation...
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Blockchain in real estate: How technology is changing the industry

Share this post: Globally, real estate has recently been valued at over USD 280 trillion — a more valuable asset class than all worldwide stocks, shares and securitized debt combined and represents the largest store...
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How blockchain could change higher education

Share this post: If 2017 was the peak of euphoria and enthusiasm for everything crypto and blockchain related, 2018 may have represented the opposite as 1) prices for crytocurrencies declined by over 50 percent during...