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Visa Moving to Integrate With Digital Currency Platforms

Visa says it is working to integrate digital currencies with its existing global network of 61 million merchants. The global payments technology giant is working with two licensed and regulated digital currency platforms, Coinbase and...
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Ethereum’s 2020 Defi Boom Doubles Active Ether Addresses, But Fees Skyrocket

The number of active Ethereum addresses has grown aggressively in 2020 because of the decentralized finance (defi) boom. Active Ethereum addresses doubled in size leaving networks like Tron, Cardano, and EOS in the dust. There’s...
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Bitpay Has ‘No Current Plans’ to Support Liquid or the Lightning Network

According to Bitpay’s Chief Marketing Officer, Bill Zielke, onchain bitcoin payments still rule the roost as far as payments are concerned. Zielke detailed that at least in the near future, Bitpay won’t be supporting the...
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General Bytes ATM Developers Add Two-Way Support for Bitcoin Cash-Based SLP Tokens

The Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) has been extremely popular among Bitcoin Cash (BCH) advocates and the SLP token universe has grown quite large. SLP tokens have seen a myriad of applications built around them and...