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Experts Dissect Craig Wright’s ‘Satoshi’ Testimony and Court Documents

Last week, Craig Wright, the man who claims he’s Satoshi Nakamoto, appeared in court and testified why he did not have access to his public bitcoin addresses and trust information. Since then a lot of...
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Crypto Heresy: Question Blockstream on Twitter and You’ll Be Blocked

Crypto Twitter (CT) is a grueling battleground between digital currency enthusiasts, company executives, maximalists, journalists, lawyers, and so-called thought leaders and luminaries. For instance, on May 8, reporter Larry Cermak posted data concerning Blockstream and...
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Craig Wright Ordered to Produce a List of Early Bitcoin Addresses in Kleiman Lawsuit

On April 28, the high profile Kleiman v. Wright lawsuit heated up when the plaintiffs alleged Craig Wright submitted forged evidence before the court. Following the recent response against Wright’s motion to dismiss the case,...
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Alternative Bitcoin Cash Full Node Bchd Now Includes Public API

On May 3, the developers behind the Bchd project, a Bitcoin Cash full node implementation written in Go (golang), announced the release of a public application programming interface (API). The latest API feature shipped with...
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Old Twitter Account Gives Away $10K in Bitcoin Cash in 48 Hours 

Over the last two days, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) supporters have noticed a Twitter handle called @Bitcoininfo tipping a bunch of random individuals and nonprofit organizations significant amounts of BCH. The Twitter profile with 107,000 followers...
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Darknet Users Allege Wall Street Market Exit Scammed, Possibly Snatching $30M

During the first week of April, reported on a large swarm of darknet market (DNM) users flocking from Dream to the Wall Street marketplace. However, the migration hasn’t been as successful as it may...
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Ongoing Effort to Free Ross Supported by 100 Eminent Organizations and Individuals

Ross Ulbricht’s clemency petition is closing in on 160,000 signatures stemming from individuals asking U.S. President Donald Trump to pardon Ulbricht. In addition to the vast number of signatures, roughly 100 eminent organizations and well...
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Wikileaks Cache Now Hosted on IPFS Thanks to this Bitcoin Cash Developer

With the founder of Wikileaks behind bars, it’s been a trying time for activists who believe in spreading freedom and truth in an age steeped in lies and manipulation from parasitic central bankers and bureaucrats....
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Whale Watch: Large Bitcoin Cash Holders Accumulate 1 Million BCH Since February

In the last two weeks, cryptocurrency prices have seen significant volatility and during this time onlookers have noticed large bitcoin whale movements once again. Data stemming from blockchain analysis indicates that over the last 48...
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Installing a Subdermal Bitcoin Wallet Is Only for the Brave

In 2014, Dutch entrepreneur Martijn Wismeijer made headlines by having a pair of bitcoin wallets embedded under his skin. Since then, various cypherpunks and tech journalists have had microchips embedded into their hands. Anyone interested...