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China’s DCEP Unlikely to Impact Crypto Markets in the Long-term, eToro Analyst Says

China is taking a great leap forward to develop a central bank digital currency, with more than 80 patents filed by the People’s Bank last week. The 84 patents filed on Feb. 13 include proposals...
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We Think 10-Minute Settlement in Crypto Markets Is Slow but That’s Crazy

CoinDesk Head of Research Noelle Acheson joins the Amun State of Crypto crew to discuss the advantages, disadvantages and eccentricities of crypto markets, exchanges, settlement and more. In this deep-dive conversation, the group discusses the...
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Bitcoin’s $10k Value Pushed Down by CME Futures Price Gap

Just recently BTC prices surpassed the $10,000 zone and held above that region for around 24 hours. Some speculators believe the price of BTC dipped below the $10k range on Monday, after the price aligned...