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Dollar Vigilante Founder Talks Covid-19 and Economic Crisis: ‘The Modern Financial System Is at the End of It’s Rope’

Jeff Berwick is an entrepreneur with a lot to say these days and he’s released a number of videos discussing the coronavirus pandemic and the government-induced lockdowns. Berwick is the founder of The Dollar Vigilante,...
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Federal Reserve Index: The US Is Already in Recession

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago’s monthly index has plunged, suggesting that the U.S. has entered a recession. The index is designed to gauge the overall U.S. economic activity and inflationary pressure. It is a...
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America’s Banks Can Simply Bail Themselves Out – Thanks to the Fed’s $27 Trillion Blackrock Deal

Mainstream media has been awfully quiet about all the fraud and manipulation stemming from the global bureaucracies’ newly enacted covid-19 reaction policies. In the U.S. amid all the commotion and fear, the Federal Reserve granted...
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World’s Largest Banks Losing Stock Value During Weeks Marked by Pandemic

The spreading coronavirus infection is taking a toll on the global economy and traditional financial institutions are already hurting. The world’s largest banks have seen their stocks losing value over the past weeks and months...
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Minting Basic Income – US Lawmaker Asks Treasury to Issue Two $1 Trillion Coins With No Debt

The U.S. is now facing the onslaught from the coronavirus outbreak. During the last two weeks, bureaucrats have shut down multiple industries while the Federal Reserve has injected trillions into the hands of private banks....