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Veteran Analyst Peter Brandt Scorns ‘XRP’s Bag Holder,’ Compares Ripple to the Fed

Veteran trader Peter Brandt knocked the digital currency XRP on Thursday and compared the crypto token company Ripple to the U.S. Federal Reserve. Brandt said he believes the company behind the coin will double the...
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New Satoshi Stash Estimate Claims Creator Mined $10.5B Worth of Bitcoin

On Monday, the blockchain trackers and researchers from Whale Alert published a new research report about the infamous fortune allegedly owned by Satoshi Nakamoto. Researchers estimate that Bitcoin’s creator possibly mined coins up to block...
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Hundreds of Sites Now Earn Crypto Trading Fees: Exchange WordPress Plugin Sees 300 Active Installs

A couple of months ago, a new WordPress (WP) plugin launched that allows anyone to host a digital currency trading platform. With the application, WP website owners can earn fees from various crypto asset trades....
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The Mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto Allegedly Leveraged a Russian Proxy for Communications

4,171 days ago in 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto invoked the Bitcoin network after sharing the white paper with people since Halloween 2008. Just recently, it has been discovered that Nakamoto leveraged a Russian proxy to obfuscate...
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Ross Ulbricht’s 9th Price Analysis Predicts Bitcoin Prices Below $3,000

The founder of the Silk Road marketplace, Ross Ulbricht, has published another analysis that attempts to predict the price of bitcoin. Ulbricht started sharing his price examinations last December and he leveraged the patterns of...
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Spain’s Lawmakers Plan to Provide Basic Income to Low-Income Residents

Spain is preparing to provide universal basic income (UBI) to low-income individuals due to the wrath of the coronavirus, the country’s minister for economic affairs Nadia Calviño recently explained. There’s no set date yet for...
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‘What Bitcoin Did’ – Scanning the Hottest Cryptocurrency Keywords and Google Searches

For years now the term “bitcoin” has managed to capture a tight relationship with specific trends and keywords online. decided to investigate the specific keywords, questions, comparisons, and prepositions that are often associated with...
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Minting Basic Income – US Lawmaker Asks Treasury to Issue Two $1 Trillion Coins With No Debt

The U.S. is now facing the onslaught from the coronavirus outbreak. During the last two weeks, bureaucrats have shut down multiple industries while the Federal Reserve has injected trillions into the hands of private banks....
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Maduro Orders Venezuelan Bank Closures Amid Coronavirus Scare

In order to combat the coronavirus outbreak in Venezuela, President Nicolás Maduro has ordered the entire country to quarantine themselves. With an inflation rate that rises more than 10,000% per year, the country’s citizens have...