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RBI’s Power Over Crypto Challenged at Length in Indian Supreme Court Today

The Indian supreme court resumed hearing the writ petitions against the banking restriction by the central bank, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), on Wednesday. Many issues were discussed, ranging from the legality of the
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India to Introduce Crypto Bill Next Parliament Session – A Look at Community Responses

The Indian government has submitted a draft crypto bill to the supreme court and expressed its intention to introduce the bill in the next parliament session. The court subsequently set a new date to hear
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Owning Fiat Just Got More Expensive – NIRP Strikes Again

With the recent Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) announcement that even more customers will be charged to hold money in their banks, people are scrambling to find ways to preserve their wealth, while USB and
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From Spartacus to Satoshi: A Brief History of Economic Rebellion

Government dominance of human beings via slavery and violent economic oppression is as old as government itself. For thousands and thousands of years kings and rulers, usually held to be “appointed by God,” have used
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Calls Intensify for Indian Government to Regulate Cryptocurrency

Since the Indian government unveiled a draft bill to ban cryptocurrency, the crypto community has ramped up its efforts to influence the government’s final decision. The community has plans to reach out to parliament members
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10,000 American Cryptocurrency Owners Will Receive Warning Letters From the IRS

On July 26, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced that the tax agency has started sending letters to American cryptocurrency owners advising them to pay their taxes. According to the organization, three types of
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Indian Government Official Resigns After Drafting ‘Flawed’ Crypto Bill

The Indian government official who headed the committee which drafted the bill to ban cryptocurrencies has applied for voluntary retirement after releasing the report and draft bill which the crypto community calls “flawed.” Meanwhile, the
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Crypto Bullishness Spreads on Capitol Hill

U.S. Congress has shown that it is starting to care about cryptocurrency as a number of lawmakers spoke up in favor of it this week. “The world Satoshi Nakamoto had envisioned is an unstoppable force”