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As Gold Touches New Highs Investors Face Storage Issues, Market Dilution, Threat of Seizures

During the last few weeks, gold has skyrocketed in value over the concerns fueled by the faltering global economy. Despite the fact that gold has always been a safe-haven, many investors are looking to bitcoin...
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Veteran Analyst Peter Brandt Scorns ‘XRP’s Bag Holder,’ Compares Ripple to the Fed

Veteran trader Peter Brandt knocked the digital currency XRP on Thursday and compared the crypto token company Ripple to the U.S. Federal Reserve. Brandt said he believes the company behind the coin will double the...
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Ethereum’s 2020 Defi Boom Doubles Active Ether Addresses, But Fees Skyrocket

The number of active Ethereum addresses has grown aggressively in 2020 because of the decentralized finance (defi) boom. Active Ethereum addresses doubled in size leaving networks like Tron, Cardano, and EOS in the dust. There’s...
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New Satoshi Stash Estimate Claims Creator Mined $10.5B Worth of Bitcoin

On Monday, the blockchain trackers and researchers from Whale Alert published a new research report about the infamous fortune allegedly owned by Satoshi Nakamoto. Researchers estimate that Bitcoin’s creator possibly mined coins up to block...
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Deposition of Craig Wright’s Wife Shows Little Understanding of Bitcoin Private Keys

According to a court filing on June 30, the Kleiman v. Wright case has postponed the jury trial until October 13 in the Miami Division courthouse. Meanwhile, a deposition stemming from Craig Wright’s wife, Ramona...
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Food and Cash Shortages Push Cubans Toward Permissionless Cryptocurrencies

The Nation of Cuba is dealing with a national food crisis, as Venezuela has stopped offering aid to the small island nation. Moreover, the coronavirus outbreak has caused a shortage of cash couriers called “mules”...