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Blockchain for multi-domain command and control targeting

Share this post: To successfully plan and execute today’s complex military operations in defense of a nation’s interests requires timely, accurate, trusted and unambiguous communications up, down, and across an extended chain-of-command spanning multi-national air,...
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Blockchain is the next step in democratizing education

Share this post: Since the time of cave paintings and scrolls, the transformation of educating and learning is one of the greatest measures of societal evolution. Still, the education sector is significantly under-digitized in comparison...
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Looking at how the next ten years of blockchain can change lives

Share this post: In 1973, the U.S. Department of Defense sought a solution to locate its military units, operations, and targets anywhere on the planet. By the beginning of the 1980s, 24 satellites in orbit...
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The people’s blockchain: Social factors influencing adoption

Share this post: Every new product that enters a country is pushed and swayed in success levels by factors ranging from market need to purchasing power to social dynamics. The same is true for new...
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Building a blockchain-powered workforce to meet growing demand

Share this post: Gibraltar’s emergence as a leading blockchain hub stems from extensive planning, collaboration between regulators and industry, as well as bold initiative. As a jurisdiction, Gibraltar has a strong track record for seizing...
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Blockchain can help increase access to credit for SMEs

Share this post: Access to credit fuels economies everywhere. And small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are often the primary generators of new jobs and economic growth, particularly in the developing world. Unfortunately, the global demand...
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Clear skies ahead with blockchain: Making our airspace safer

Share this post: Aviation safety is a serious concern for every traveler. But on a regular basis each of us is confronted by the news of aviation incidents. The time has come for change, the...
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Government registries with blockchain, for efficiency and trust

Share this post: How frequently do constituents experience frustration when providing information to governments? “I have to call a different department to make the same changes you just made?” “Why have I been on hold...
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How India can capitalize on its demographic dividend through blockchain

Share this post: India is known for its demographic dividend which can propel it to become the next China-like story or even better. For those of you who don’t know, demographic dividend as defined by...
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What blockchain means to the justice and public safety sectors

Share this post: To understand what blockchain means to the justice and public safety sectors, we first have to lay the basic foundations for what a blockchain is. An easy way to understand blockchain is...