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Why is interoperability important in blockchain?

Interoperability in digital systems is important period. Blockchain happens to be the latest and greatest recent breakthrough in that, so it applies equally as well. Interoperability in any software system has become the de facto
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Is there a blockchain delay in healthcare?

Share this post: According to a 2016 IBV study, “Healthcare Rallies for Blockchain,” healthcare seemed to be “setting the pace on blockchain adoption,” even ahead of the financial services industry. The study surveyed over 200
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Blockchain solutions make financial services fairer, faster

Share this post: My company, Stronghold, is a financial services provider of native blockchain solutions. When my co-founder and I saw the rise of blockchain platforms, we felt that most were focused heavily on the
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Transform your supply chain with blockchain-enabled digital passport

Share this post: Some of the key industry pain points facing supply chain management include the labor-intensive process of supplier onboarding and the trust deficit between the buyer and the suppliers. By implementing blockchain technology,
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Shared experience: The evolving potential of automotive blockchain

Share this post: The first part of our series on automotive blockchain tackled standardization. But with efforts such as the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative — a consortium of worldwide technology leaders — breaking down barriers
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The New York Times, IBM explore blockchain as a means to verify trustworthiness in digital media

Share this post: We live in a precarious time for trust. From viral videos, to raw diamonds, to organic chickens, the question of authenticity has never been more salient. Perhaps it’s because authenticity has never
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The people’s blockchain: Social factors influencing adoption

Share this post: Every new product that enters a country is pushed and swayed in success levels by factors ranging from market need to purchasing power to social dynamics. The same is true for new
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Smart, centralized insights shape a modern global supply chain

Share this post: The modern global supply chain can be the source of endless insight into the production, sourcing, procurement, purchasing, inventory and delivery of goods and services. But data must flow smoothly between B2B
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The problem with proxy voting — and how blockchain can help

Share this post: Corporate governance controls how publicly held companies behave. It guides how decisions get made, from setting broad objectives to the smallest internal controls, and helps protect the interests of all the company’s