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Blockchain helps trace responsibly produced raw materials

Share this post: Despite industry efforts, “conflict resources” can still make their way into products. A little over a decade ago, I co-published a Financial Times article that served as an industries wake-up call about...
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Blockchain brings visibility to the finished vehicle supply chain

Share this post: In the auto industry, it can be said that there are two kinds of supply chains. The first and more talked about relates to the flow of parts and components from an...
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Blockchain is the next step in democratizing education

Share this post: Since the time of cave paintings and scrolls, the transformation of educating and learning is one of the greatest measures of societal evolution. Still, the education sector is significantly under-digitized in comparison...
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Blockchain’s potential to revolutionize crowdfunding

Share this post: As blockchain continues to be implemented by numerous organizations, both in the financial services space and across other industry verticals, most of the focus has remained on the large projects launched by...
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How blockchain delivers security and trust to startups

Share this post: Anyone who knows the challenges of making a startup succeed knows that just having a great idea — even a potentially world-changing idea — is no guarantee of success. I founded Cognition...
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Blockchain in real estate: How technology is changing the industry

Share this post: Globally, real estate has recently been valued at over USD 280 trillion — a more valuable asset class than all worldwide stocks, shares and securitized debt combined and represents the largest store...
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Executing on the vision for a true blockchain network of networks

Share this post: No single company can unlock the potential and full business value of blockchain on its own. Productive ecosystems establish a true platform and drive the value of any real blockchain network. IBM...
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The fastest way to change the way you and your business work

Share this post: Looking to quickly collaborate with experts and advance your idea to transform your business? Open the door, ascend the urban staircase complemented by a colorful mural, stroll past the hallway hollowed out...
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Revolutionizing the waste supply chain: Blockchain for social good

Share this post: Blockchain applications for social good are becoming increasingly critical and will revolutionize the world with their impact. With increased adoption and repeatable use cases, we are primed to face global challenges with...
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Looking at how the next ten years of blockchain can change lives

Share this post: In 1973, the U.S. Department of Defense sought a solution to locate its military units, operations, and targets anywhere on the planet. By the beginning of the 1980s, 24 satellites in orbit...