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Building resilient food supply chains in the face of COVID-19

Share this post: In the midst of one of the most widespread pandemics in recent history, it’s nothing short of a miracle that our global supply chain has been able to consistently deliver food to...
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Reshaping the telecommunications ecosystem and business models

Share this post: The telecommunication industry has a central position in the lives of business and people, sitting at the heart of a world that is becoming more connected every day — more digital and...
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IBM Blockchain Platform is full steam ahead with Hyperledger Fabric 2.0, Red Hat Integrations

Share this post: This week marks the first fully digital IBM Think conference! There is no shortage of blockchain content rolling out which can be accessed by anyone around the world, on-demand. Learn about enabling...
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How the FDA is piloting blockchain for the pharmaceutical supply chain

Share this post: In light of the current state of our world, things like supply chain management, prescription drug traceability and pharmaceutical integrity are of utmost importance. Last year, we announced our work with KPMG,...
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IBM Rapid Supplier Connect: Getting COVID-19 responders the equipment they need

Share this post: The COVID-19 pandemic is bringing unprecedented changes to how we all live and work. It goes without saying that we are far from doing business as usual and it is even questionable...
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Blockchain’s role in COVID-19 response and recovery

Share this post: More than any event in our lifetime, the COVID-19 global pandemic underscores the interconnectedness of our world. It also throws a very harsh light on a troubling fact: at a time when...
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How to get started with IBM Blockchain now

Share this post: With the release of IBM Blockchain Platform 2.1.3, we have now expanded the platform’s capabilities towards greater network flexibility, security enhancements, enhanced developer experience and more. As IBM Blockchain Platform continues to...
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MiPasa project and IBM Blockchain team on open data platform to support Covid-19 response

Share this post: Powerful technologies and expertise can help provide better data and help people better understand their situation. As the world contends with the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, officials battling the pandemic need tools and...
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The latest in multicloud support, distributed consensus, security and more

Share this post: In the past year, the IBM Blockchain Platform has made great strides in providing the most advanced tooling and deployment flexibility for building enterprise blockchain networks. Last September, we released a fully...
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How tokenization and digitized assets can help investors unlock trillions from the economy

Share this post: It would be hard to argue that in many ways we are already living in a digitized economy. We use apps to send money to our friends, pay bills, buy our groceries,...