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Permissionless Software Foundation Aims to Foster Open-Source Software With Bitcoin Cash

Just recently, Bitcoin Cash proponents were introduced to a new foundation called the “Permissionless Software Foundation” aimed at spreading Bitcoin Cash and SLP token technology. This week an organization called the “Permissionless Software Foundation” (PSF)...
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Brewdog Tokyo Accepts Bitcoin Cash Payments: Local BCH Meetup Gathers to Celebrate

On July 1, 2020, the popular eatery and bar in Japan, Brewdog Tokyo, started accepting bitcoin cash payments for products and services. The establishment is the third Brewdog bar to accept bitcoin cash, as the...
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Bitcoin Cash-Fueled Blogging Website Raises Over $100K for Collective Initiative

A few months ago reported on the web portal, a blogging website fueled by bitcoin cash that rewards users in crypto for producing content. Just recently, initiated a fund that aims to...
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6 Privacy-Enhancing Tools That Place Bitcoin Cash Transactions Ahead of the Pack

On June 24, a Reddit post had a few Bitcoin Cash proponents discussing a number of privacy enhancements BCH supporters can leverage every time they transact. The Bitcoin Cash enthusiast, Mr. Zwet’s r/btc post explained...
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The Mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto Allegedly Leveraged a Russian Proxy for Communications

4,171 days ago in 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto invoked the Bitcoin network after sharing the white paper with people since Halloween 2008. Just recently, it has been discovered that Nakamoto leveraged a Russian proxy to obfuscate...
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Chinese Government Crackdowns and Cheap Hydropower- Miners Migrate from North to South China

China-based bitcoin miners have started to migrate southbound from North China, according to local reports. The operators are having difficulties and are transitioning mining facilities for cheap hydro-powered electricity. Testimonials also show that 64 mining...