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Market Update: Bitcoin Halving Hype, Golden Cross Signals, and GBTC’s 41% Premium

Cryptocurrency markets have seen fresh gains on Wednesday after the slight pullback that started two days prior. Most of the top 10 digital currencies by market cap have gained between 4-8% and the entire market...
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Market Outlook: Bullish Trend Sends Crypto Prices Northwards

Digital currency markets are seeing significant gains this week as the entire market capitalization gained $28 billion in the last seven days. Moreover, trade volume has spiked to a massive $100 billion and during the...
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Japanese Firms SBI and GMO Join the Digital Gold Rush in Texas

The city of Rockdale, Texas is attracting attention again, similar to the interest the region saw back in the fifties when the Alcoa aluminum smelting facility set up shop. These days, Rockdale’s change is due...
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Travala Scores 33% Revenue Growth With 60% of Bookings Paid With Crypto

Travala, the online platform that allows crypto users to book hotel rooms in thousands of destinations around the world, has registered remarkable growth in bookings during the Christmas holiday season. More than half of those...
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Ticker Tool Uses the BCH Blockchain to Provide Reliable Rate Data

Instantly verifiable, unhackable and forever retrievable are some of the key features of information stored on a blockchain. These are also the characteristics that traders of various assets, commodities and currencies would appreciate when it...
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Why Nick Szabo Probably Isn’t Satoshi

Search online for ‘possible creators of Bitcoin’ and Bit Gold creator Nick Szabo will always appear near the top of the list. His long history in the cypherpunk space, his writings on money, digital cash,...
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Someone Redeemed a 100 BTC Casascius Bar Worth Over $700K

In 2011, Mike Caldwell created the notorious Casascius physical bitcoin collection, and since then the series of coins has become extremely valuable. Over the last two months, a bunch of people have redeemed their Casascius...
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BCH Is An A-Class Crypto for Auditability

Crypto research group Coin Metrics recently released issue 30 of its “State of the Network” series, which ranks crypto assets by auditability. Taking into account node operation, synchronization, normal operation, code audit and extraction of...